Data protection
Personal data information sheet

For the purposes of the selection of patronage applications and the tracking of the Project, you will be sharing information regarding yourself and other natural persons (volunteers or employees of the organisation supporting or backing the Project, recipients …) (the “Personal Data”).

You hereby agree, in your own name and in the name and on behalf of the organisation supporting or backing the Project (local non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, community organisations, social enterprises, national or regional funds):

  • to share with us only information which is strictly necessary to examine your patronage application and later track the Project. In this respect, please note that you must not share with us any sensitive information (i.e. information pertaining to a person’s health, lifestyle, sexual preferences, racial or ethnic origins, political, trade union, philosophical or religious views, genetic or biometric data) in relation to you or any other natural person,
  • to ensure that such other natural persons and duly informed beforehand and that they did not object, and, if such consent is required, to obtain their consent,
  • and to communicate a copy of this personal data information sheet in which the terms “you” or “your” refer to yourself as well as to the third party whose data you may have shared with us.

The organisation supporting or backing the Project guarantees and shall hold harmless Bolloré and its affiliates, on first demand, against any claim which may arise in connection with the use of the Personal Data shared with the Bolloré group in relation to the Project. Therefore, the organisation supporting or backing the Project undertakes to defend and hold harmless, in this context, Bolloré and its affiliates regarding any claims or threatened claims or demands made by third parties, be they judicial or otherwise in nature. Such guarantee shall remain in force for five (5) years after the archiving or the rejection of the Project by Bolloré or its affiliates.

The controller of the Personal Data acquired in the context the patronage application’s examination and the tracking of the Project (identifying data, image (photo, video…), information regarding the professional life (CV, office held), connexion data…) is Bolloré, the registered office of which is located at Odet – 29500 Ergué Gabéric, FRANCE. Such Personal Data shall be used by our company and those within the Bolloré group. It shall also be communicated to our technical providers strictly within the limits of their responsibilities.

The examination of the patronage application and, as the case may be, the performance of the partnership agreement to be entered into may require Bolloré to send all or part of your Personal Data to country(ies) in which the Project would be carried out,  and such country(ies), which may be located outside the European Economic Area, may not have laws recognised as adequate in matters relating to Personal Data protection.

Your Personal Data shall be stored during the examination and processing of the patronage application, increased, as the case may be, by the limitation period applicable to claims which may arise in connection with this relationship. Unless otherwise stated, all requested information is necessary for the performance hereof.

Your Personal Data shall be used in different manners:

  • For the purposes of the patronage application’s examination and then, as the case may be, the performance of the partnership agreement which would be entered into with the organisation supporting or backing the Project (examining the application, entering into the agreement, payment of funds, provision of resources, progress tracking of the agreement’s performance, reporting…).
  • To comply with our legal, accounting and tax obligations.

 Unless you object, in order to further our legitimate needs regarding the promotion of our patronage activities (internal and external communication relating our group CSR policy, measuring the impact of the group’s involvement in such matters…), always within the limits of your own interests and rights. Photos or videos depicting you (yourself or other natural persons such as volunteers, recipients…) may be used to present the patronage activities conducted by the Bolloré group in the following manners: distribution, including to the public, publishing and compilation of one or more of such photos for the purposes of any document or medium (including digital), without any possibility of commercialisation or transfer to third parties other than companies within the Bolloré group, during a maximum period of 10 years from the date this patronage application is submitted, worldwide.

Bolloré warrants that you may at any time and very simply exercise the rights you are granted under applicable laws and regulations. More specifically, as the case may be, you may object to the use of your Personal Data, access it, rectify any mistakes contained therein, obtain its deletion or limit its use in the cases provided by regulations, and also, if such right is available, request the portability of the Personal Data you shared in order to transfer it to a third party, but also give instructions as to the fate of your Personal Data after your death.

In order to exercise your rights and for any further information or issue regarding the use of Personal Data, please send us an email at the following address: [email protected] and attach, as the case may be, a document proving your identity and justifying your request. Should an issue remain unresolved, you may bring the matter before the French data protection authority (CNIL).



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